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If you know any of the Yang style short form, join us for FREE practice sessions this summer on these Tuesdays, same location as the classes below, 7 pm for an hour. We will have a group practicing the first third and one group practicing the entire form. 

June 17, July 15 and August 19. 

Fall classes will begin Tuesday evenings in September, dates to be announced. 



LEARN easy ways to power and circulate your chi, and activate your protective chi

RELAX using tai chi postures and movements from the five phases of chi energy (the five elements)

ENJOY a simple daily practice to regain and maintain your health and vitality

Our classes introduce you to basic tai chi principles including correct placement of the feet, alignment of the knees and hips, an upright and relaxed spine, and relaxation of the major joints in the body. It is this relaxation that allows the qi (chi, vital internal energy) to flow freely in your body, bringing a pleasant sense of wellbeing, and pointing you in the direction of good health.
picture of Edna doing tai chi

Beginner Class: Roots and Branches: Tai Chi and the Five Elements
Tuesdays, March 4 through April 15, 6:50 pm to 7:50 pm (seven weeks)

A course that includes movements and postures that work with qi, the life force that exists in all of us. In each class we will generate qi, circulate and unblock qi, use qi to nourish ourselves, and return the qi to the deepest level. The work condenses the tai chi form into standing postures, walks and shifting movements, which follow the cycle of the five elements of Chinese medicine. The simple movements can be learned easily and have a deep effect on the body, mind and spirit. 

Tuition $85


Beginner Class: The Eight Ways of Tai Chi
Tuesdays, April 29 through June 3, 6:50 pm to 7:50 pm (six weeks)

A course to learn and practice tai chi movements with images in order to achieve the benefits of tai chi quickly and deeply. For beginners, this is a wonderful introduction to tai chi. For those with illness or injury, this is an opportunity to recover balance and movement. For tai chi students, this is an opportunity to fine-tune your practice and work more deeply. One focus of this class is using tai chi in your normal daily activities in order to be more conscious of how we move in health. 

Tuition $75

Continuing Class: Second Third of the Tai Chi Form
Tuesdays, March 4 through May 20, 7 to 8 pm  (twelve-week course)
For those who know the first third of the form and want to learn or review the second third. 
Minimum of 10 students for this class. 
Tuition $175
**If we don't meet the minimum, the class will become a "Time in the Art" Class, engaging in deepening and expanding the tai chi that you already know. We will practice and review the form that participants have learned, with a particular theme which will be different each evening. The "Time in the Art" class will be a drop-in class, tuition $15 per session. 
**We will offer a beginning tai chi form class in Fall 2014. 

Wisdom Well
8955 Guilford Road, Suite 240
Columbia MD 21046

From Rt 32, take Broken Land going south. Turn L on Guilford Road. First L into office area (before the light at Murray Hill). 
First L in parking lot, drive to end and turn R. Suite 240 will be on your right. Plenty of free parking. 

Beginners welcome!
Wear loose, comfortable clothing and shoes/ slippers with flat soles (no sandals or high heels).
We will have cotton tai chi shoes for sale at the first class.

Edna M. Brandt, LAc             Erik ten Broecke
Licensed Acupuncturist           Artist and musician
Tai chi teacher since 1978      Tai chi teacher since 1980

Call WisdomWell 443-393-2650
20 students maximum/10 students minimum each class

MORE INFO: Call Edna at 301-953-3413


Tai Chi Classes for Seniors in College Park

Spring 2014 schedule to be announced soon
College Park Community Center, 5051 Pierce Ave, College Park
Taught by Frances Korbly-Canter, L.Ac.
Call 301 441-2647 to register

10:30 am T'ai Chi Principles and Qi Gong
For those recovering from illness or those with balance and strength issues. Simple movements you can learn to do and practice at home in limited space and with limited time.

11:30 am Beginning and Advanced T'ai Chi Form
One group for new students to learn the basics of the tai chi form, and a second group for experienced students to learn more of the form.